Many of us feel we are in good health – after all, we can still chase our kids around, right? But sometimes there are little signs we choose to ignore which show we are not as healthy as we should be. You may toss and turn at night or feel bloated after eating. Perhaps you are slowly putting on weight and you don’t know why. Maybe you feel stressed, in pain, or have been taking medication long term.

All of these are signs that your body is a state of sub-health – and Chinese Medicine expert Dr ShuQuan Liu can help you move from sub to optimum health.

Dr Liu says maximum health is when your body is at a point when all of your internal organs – such as your heart, liver and kidneys – are functioning at the same rate.

“That way, all your organs will age naturally and evenly, at the slowest possible speed,” Dr Liu, the founder and director of the Pure WellbeingCo Bondi Junction clinic said.

“Your organs are designed to service your natural body shape – that is, a shape that is not too thin or too large – so we work towards finding this point for your body, rather than worrying specifically about how much you weigh.”

Dr Liu said when you had reached a healthy internal balance, your natural body shape, had no medical conditions and felt great you were near optimum health.

“Your organs will then be able to use maximum blood circulation and oxygen to service a minimal area (your natural body shape), as they are no longer working overtime, so your body will stop feeling tired, strained and overworked,” he said.

So, what happens when you have reached your maximum health level? You will wake up naturally every morning, feel better and a lot happier. You will find your stress levels are lower and you can easily deal with daily life. What are you waiting for?

Start the journey to optimum health at our Pure WellbeingCo Bondi Junction clinic.