About Dr Shuquan Liu

Creator of Pure WellbeingCo
and TCM Australia

TCM Australia attracts patients from all over Australia and overseas, with clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. It is not uncommon for someone from New York, London or Singapore to seek the services of TCMA, which was founded by Dr ShuQuan Liu. Dr Liu, who also founded Pure WellbeingCo, started his journey advocating a healthy and long life very early in life.

His first introduction to Chinese medicine came from his mother, who used ancient forms of alternative medicine when anyone in the family was sick. This led to a lifelong passion to help others.

* Dr Liu does not prescribe or endorse liquid herbal food replacement fasts.


Our Umbrella of Services


Tui Na

Chinese massage (Tui Na) is a traditional form of therapy and a key treatment offered at TCM Australia. Tui Na involves the practical manipulation of certain locations on your body to prevent and treat illness. We offer two types of massage treatments.



Popular with celebrities and sports people around the world, cupping involves applying glass cups to certain points on your body through a vacuum. It is a traditional technique that promises to relieve pain and promote circulation.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Dr Shuquan Liu is an expert in the function and uses of over 400 different herbs and is highly skilled to create formulas that aid in the treatment of patients.



Dr Shuquan Liu is skilled in both acupuncture and acupressure. The first involves the insertion of fine needles into specific acupoints to harmonise the functions and structures of the body. Acupressure is similar in principle – based on the concept of life energy which flows through meridians in the body. In this treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points to try and clear blockages in those meridians.



Reflexology is a popular treatment in Chinese medicine. Certain pressure points on your feet correspond to specific organs in your body, and the regular massaging of these points can encourage the regulation of your internal organs. Regular reflexology treatments often result in increased functioning of your organs, the elimination of toxins from your body and the prevention of illness.



This treatment involves the burning of a special herb called mugwort, which is then applied to specific points on the body either through acupuncture or directly on to the skin. Moxibustion treatments are useful in removing pain and strengthening your body’s immune system and circulation.

What we believe in...

Dr Shuquan Liu teaches people the power of their own healing ability. Everyone strives for a successful relationship and career, but they should also strive for health success. When you are healthy, you feel amazing, you look amazing and most importantly, you are on the road to a long and healthy life.


Reaching Optimum Health.

Most of us can reach optimum health at any stage of our lives, but it is better to start this journey as early as possible. If you change bad habits now you will be healthier in later years.


Empowering Yourself.

You are the only person who can take control of your health, and the only person who can make the decision to start the journey to great health and not deviate off that road. Dr Shuquan Liu can help you not only start that journey, but to stay on it by helping you stimulate your healing power.

What we believe in...

Traditional Chinese Medicine follows the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. Dr Liu has developed contemporary treatments based on these ancient principles and philosophies which have been practiced for more than 5000 years.

Taking Action Early.

Everyone’s dream is to live independently at 90 years of age and not be riddled with disease. This is why you need to make the move to optimum health now.


Everything Is Connected.

All our organs are connected. You may have a strong heart but if your liver collapses you will become very sick. You need to use your body as one so your organs age as one.

What we believe in...


Be Happy.

Smile many times during the day, Negative emotions, such as depression, tiredness and guilt, impact your body, making positive mental health crucial to achieving good physical health.


Everyone Is Different.

No two human beings are alike, and every patient should be treated individually with their own personally crafted wellness plan.