Dr ShuQuan Liu


Dr Liu is a renowned holistic practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine and believes in empowering patients to become as healthy and happy as they deserve to be. He fell in love with Chinese medicine more than two decades ago, studying at the prestigious Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine University from 1993 to 2010. He loves working in Australia and treats all of his patients holistically.


Dr Shuquan Liu’s main objective is to teach patients their healing power by integrating ancient Chinese medicine to help them reach optimum health – something we all need to achieve to help live a long and healthy life. Chinese medicine is a 5000-year-old holistic system that sees the body and mind as one – with each having a profound effect over the other.

Although Chinese medicine is not a “miracle cure”, Dr Liu says it can help alleviate symptoms of poor health by stimulating the organs to work together.

“Ancient Chinese medicine is an exquisitely complex, yet deceptively simple healing system,” Dr Liu says.

Dr Liu's Creative Process

Chinese Medicine University

Doctor Degree Of Acupuncture And Tui Na

Chang Chun, Jilin Province, China

Graduated June 2010

Lauren Martine College

English Skills Certificate

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Graduated February 1997

TCM Bone Injury Hospital

TCM Practioner

Chang Chun, Jilin Province, China

July 1993 – January 1996


Cupping 100%
Acupuncture 100%
Tui Na 100%
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine 100%
Moxibustion 100%
Reflexology 100%